Smokeycastle discusses his time playing Terraria

Terraria is a good game that I had a lot of fun playing. I found it was a very fun game to play with friends. I played with friends mostly, but when I wanted to progress and no-one was available to progress with me I would play a bit by myself.

Home Sweet Home!

I most enjoyed the mining aspect of the game, finding ores and chests and fighting monsters in claustrophobic environments really ticked my adventure boxes and made me feel challenged in game.

The boss fights were very interesting and challenging or summoning the bosses the first time lead to a lot of deaths and fun and hi-jinks.

The area I most enjoyed the combat in was the dungeon and jungle biomes where the combat was fast paced and light was absolutely essential. I really enjoyed setting up water candles and farming the monsters.

All in all i got 50-60 hours on Terraria on a number of servers (we remade servers pretty often. I am really looking forward to upcoming games from Re-Logic especially Terraria 2