Summer trips to Casuarina sands

Smokeycastle goes for a dip

Over the summer months it gets rather hot where I live. With my new flat not having air conditioning I needed to find ways to cool off and relax. Going to Casuarina sands for a dip and a swim is one of the ways I have found to do this that is very enjoyable.

Casuarina sands is a park on the Murrumbidgee river near the cotter dam quite close to Canberra that has barbecue facilities as well as places that are quite good for a dip and swim.

Summer fun!

Going with friends there is highly recommended as it has an excellent atmosphere and I find the other people who go there are very nice people also. Just remember if you are going there to bring cleaning supplies for the barbecue and a rubbish bag for your rubbish to take home as I do not think there are any bins.

Dragon painting

Smokeycastle commissions a new painting

So a while back I commissioned a painting from my friend Ana Hanson. The painting is of a dragon holding a metal sphere.

Smokeycastle’s commissioned painting.

The painting took 2-3 months to complete but the wait was totally worth it and I am very happy with the result.

The painting (Neither myself or Ana has given the painting a name as yet) sits proudly in my lounge room as a centerpiece and I get quite a few comments from people new to my home.

For anyone interested in Ana Hansons artwork or interested in commissioning a piece from Ana, her website is